We will not be accepting or fulfilling pre orders for recreational customers. Pre ordering is ONLY for our medical patients.

Topicals are an extremely popular line of products for medical marijuana patients. Unlike regular topicals, these products are infused with cannabis and come in a variety of forms. Absorbed by the skin when applied to specific areas of the body, topicals are very effective at relieving localized inflammation, pain and soreness.  Topicals are also ideal for patients who need the beneficial effects of cannabis, but do not want the nonpsychoactive experience. The Herbal Care Center is proud to offer a wide selection of best quality cannabis based topicals for our MMJ customers, including balms, suppositories, patches, oils, lotions, muscle freeze, Epsom salt soak, topical bars and more. Our highly trained Health and Wellness Advisors are more than happy to help you decide which of our cannabis based topicals would work best for you.

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